AS KOHIMO is specialized on complex construction of terminals for processing of fluid petroleum products and granular products (fertilizers).


The main activity includes:

  • Manufacture and installation of tanks for dangerous fluids up to 100 000 m3;
  • Manufacture and installation of metalworks of unloading trestles;
  • Manufacture and installation of technological pipelines;
  • Installation of equipment, including under pressure;
  • Installation of pump stations;
  • Manufacture, installation of basic metalworks and installation of pipes for export pipelines.


The second important direction of our activity - manufacture and installation of metalworks of industrial assignment:

  • Metalworks of industrial buildings;
  • Galleries and bulk towers;
  • Water lines;
  • Chimneys;
  • Protective casings;
  • Piles-shells.


For producing of cleaning, painting of metalworks we use the services of specified qualified companies.


Area of activity developed in last years:

  • Gas cutting;
  • Plasma cutting;
  • Water cutting;
  • Bending;
  • Punching;
  • Rolling.


AS KOHIMO also produce the following works:

  • Manufacture of the vessels working under pressure, in accordance with requirements of the EU Directive 97/23 (PED);
  • Installation, repair, rebuilding of load-lifting cranes;
  • Quality control of welds by methods VT, PT, MT, RT, UT.

AS KOHIMO has the production workshops with specialized equipment, erection areas, transport base and warehouse areas in Tallinn, erection areas in Kohtla-Jarve.

 The personnel of firm has corresponding qualification for execution of various offered by AS KOHIMO types of works.



  • Eesti Energia Õlitööstus
  • Alexela terminal
  • Vesta
  • Termentum
  • VKG
  • Alexela Sillamäe
  • Oiltanking
  • Petkam
  • Zincpot
  • Permarine
  • Alexela Logistics
  • Neste oil
  • Horizon
  • Dry Bulk Terminal
  • Vent Bunkers
  • Ventspils
  • Wärtsilä