One of the major directions of activity of AS KOHIMO - prefabrication of pipe units and the subsequent installation of metal pipelines of various purpose:

  • Pipeline systems of port terminals for petroleum and chemical products
  • Steam and thermal oil pipelines
  • Pipelines for plants on producing of slate oil
  • Manufacturing and installation of fire-extinguishing systems and irrigations of terminals for storage of dangerous liquids,
  • Flues

Demands to manufacturing, installation, test and control of the named pipelines - EVS-EN 13480:2012. Wide experience on a prefabrication allows to attain 80 % of readiness of complex{difficult} pipelines.

For fulfillment of works with pipelines there are tested welding practices of pipes from carbon steels (TR, GH), from stainless steels (welding processes 111, 141, 135). Welders for these processes are certified according to demands of EU Directive 97/23, welding supervision is carried out by engineers EWE/IWE. Design heads, works heads have practice experience on installation of difficult space pipelines, test and check and prepare of delivery documentation.