AS KOHIMO  has an opportunity and the good operational experience on manufacturing and installation of metalworks of various purpose:

  • Metalworks of plant buildings;
  • Galleries and towers for bulk products;
  • Water lines;
  • Chimneys;
  • Protective housings;
  • Piles-shells.

At present moment AS KOHIMO has the certificate for confirming of fulfillment of demands DIN 18800-7:2009-09 on manufacturing of metalworks of D class, which is planned to renew for certificate EN 1090-1 on manufacturing of metalworks of EXC3.

For manufacture of metalworks AS KOHIMO has own procuring workshops with area 2364 m2 (gas, plasma, water-abrasive cutting, punching, bending, rolling), assembly-welding workshop with area 3888 m2. This allows to produce an industrially up to 250 tons of metalworks in month. Also on the main  territory there are areas  for site joint and welding of dimensional designs, with dimension and weight limited only by  opportunities.

Presence of own installation departments enables to offer to the Customers an installation of prefabricated  metalworks, equipment and mechanisms on the object.

On demand of the Customer by our constant Contractors make anticorrosive protection by hot zincing or by various anticorrosive paints with preliminary sandblasting.

If necessary AS KOHIMO gives services on transportation of metalworks and products by own  transport with hoisting capacity up to 24 tons.