Equipment and vessels under pressure

AS KOHIMO is one of leading specialized firms of Estonia and has wide experience on manufacturing and installation of tanks for storage of dangerous liquids and the vessels working under pressure.

Production capacities of AS KOHIMO allow to make vessels under pressure industrially with use of the modern productive equipment and machines.

Vessels under pressure are made according to demands of directive PED 97/23, under standard EN 13445. The quality of production and fulfillment of works are controlled by Quality Management System  EN ISO 9001:2000.

The firm is registered in register MTR (Economic Activity Register) and has matching licenses to manufacture of vessels under pressure (

The firm owns certificates on welding service and works with capacities under pressure and has qualified certified on EVS - EN 287-1 welders.

Installation works are carried out by the qualified erectors under direction of experience specialists with an extensive knowledge in this sphere of activity.

We offer manufacturing and installation of horizontal and vertical vessels under pressure, including spherical and cylindrical gas tanks.

The equipment is delivered to the Customer in complete with necessary certificates and approves for its successful maintenance.

The work executed by qualified personnel and quality of used materials – the guarantee of the best result.

At fulfillment of works the big attention is given on creation of safety working conditions, made the analysis of all risks, are observed the demands of saving the environment.

The main objects of AS KOHIMO, connected with manufacturing and installation of equipment under pressure:

AS ALEXELA TERMINAL, Paldiski, Estonia 6 x 2000 m³ spherical gasholders, P = 8 bar
PERMARINE A.S., Kristiansund, Norway 8 x 16 m³ bulk silo, P = 6,3 bar
AS HORIZON Pulp/paper Mil, Estonia 1 х 660 m³ blown tank, P = 10 bar