About firm AS Kohimo

AS KOHIMO specializes on complex construction of terminals for processing of liquid petroleum and granular products.

Main activity include:

  • Manufacturing and installation of tanks for dangerous liquids in volume up to 50 000 m3;
  • Manufacturing and installation of metalworks of railway trestles;
  • Manufacturing and installation of technological pipelines;
  • Installation of equipment, including under pressure;
  • Installation of pumping stations;
  • Manufacturing and installation of support metalworks, installation of pipes for export pipelines.

The second important direction of our activity - manufacturing and installation of metalworks of industrial purpose:

  • Metalworks of plant buildings;
  • Galleries and towers for bulk products;
  • Water lines;
  • Chimneys;
  • Protective housings;
  • Piles-shells.

For producing of works on cleaning and painting of metalworks are involved qualified specialized firms.

Activity of the firm, developed in last years - manufacture of various blanks, by:

  • Gas cutting;
  • Plasma cutting;
  • Water cutting;
  • Bending;
  • Punching;
  • Rolling.

AS KOHIMO also makes following works:

Manufacturing of the vessels working under pressure in accordance with demands of EU Directive 97/23 (PED) under standard EN 14015;

AS KOHIMO has the producing and transport base with specialized equipment and mechanisms with total  area 2364 m2, an installation and warehouse areas (3888 m2) in Tallinn, an installation area in Kohtla-Järve.

The personnel, more than 200 persons, has matching qualification for fulfillment of all, offered by AS KOHIMO, types of works.

Valid certificates:

ISO 9001:2008   Quality management system

EN ISO 3834-2:2005

EN 1090-2 class ECX3

Testing laboratory of AS КОНIМО has accreditation for making the control of welds by methods VT, РТ, МТ, RT (certificate L014)

In the register of the Ministry of Economics and Communications AS KOHIMO is registered in following fields of activity:



Construction management






Owner supervision



Engineering work



Pressure equipment work



Gas work



Construction of gas installations




Detailed:  http: // mtr.mkm.ee


AS KOHIMO policy in the field of quality is formulated as follows:

  • Definition and fulfillment of demands of Customers for the purpose raises of their satisfaction, fulfillment of demands of the regulating legislative acts, which are referring to made products;
  • Creation according to demands ISO 9001 :2008, heading and constant improvement   the system of   quality control in AS KOHIMO;
  • Definition and giving of necessary resources for development, headings and maintenance in active state of the system of quality control;
  • Including of all workers in process of raise of productivity and an overall performance of AS KOHIMO by means of recognition and stimulation;
  • Creation of favorable working environment for workers, including working conditions and disbursements;
  • Highest possible use of modern production technologies and the equipment for improvement  of quality of released products.

Quality for AS KOHIMO:

  • The Customer receives, produced according to the design and valid norms products in agreed terms;
  • Good preparation and correct manufacturing;
  • Each worker knows the duties and the responsibility;
  • The prevention of mistakes and defects - correction and rework is high expensive.

In AS KOHIMO the purposes of quality develop at two levels:

  • Main and general purposes in accordance with AS KOHIMO policy in the field of quality
  • Purposes of quality on the departments, developed on the basis of policy in the field of quality, overall AS KOHIMO purposes and quality analysis.

Main and general purposes on quality in AS KOHIMO:

  • Increase the number of orders.
  • Achievement of satisfaction of Customers
  • Increase of profitableness of manufacture.
  • Increase an annual turnover of firm.
  • Expansion of market outlets of released products.
  • Expansion of field of activity of firma and its departments.
  • Increase the number of highly skilled specialists of firm.